Monday, February 4, 2013

Mt Baldy weather conditions

I just rode GMR today, all the way up to the ski lifts and then down Mt Baldy road. I left Glendora at about 1:30 pm. The weather was about 75*, so I just wore a Jersey, no base layer. I also decided to risk it and not bring a vest. The temperature was perfect going up as well as along ERR for the most part. There were a few chilly parts in the shade a couple miles before the descent into Baldy village. Also along ERR sporadically in the last 5 miles the road was very damp in patches, probably snow that melted today or very recently.
VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE. The drinking fountain at the post office / fire station is broken. It sprays a small stream of water straight in the air and it's impossible to fill a bottle! Plan accordingly.
At the ski lifts there were about 30 cars and people going up the lifts with skis and snowboards. I only saw a small patch of snow on the side of the road. From ERR I could see a small amount of snow at he very peak  Maybe there was snow at the top of the lifts too. When I descended at about 4 pm the sun was setting and the temperature was around 60. Descending was just a little chilly, I looked around for newspaper to stuff in my Jersey, but didn't find any, I did ok without a vest or gloves. Didn't get too chilly at all.
That's all for Mt Baldy conditions update!

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