Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gotta wear the right socks

I often ride with two guys Bob and Dave. Ever ride we roast each other, but its usually aimed towards Bob because he's a fireman. They're also my senior by a couple decades, but very strong riders none the less. They hold their own just fine with the best on the Canyon Velo rides. I had broken the chain on my race bike the day before and so today I didn't want to ride my TT bike and have an unfair advantage, so I rode my 30 year old Univega Steel bike. Its heavy, but rides wonderfully. When they saw, it they laughed and asked where it came from and then proceeded to tease me about giving myself a handicap so I don't ride too hard. Anyway, we had a lot of laughs over that.
When we got to the turnaround point on our ride Bob informed us he had new socks. Apparently he had been wearing normal socks on rides before, and now he had a Pair of black Pearl Izumi Cycling socks. Then someone noticed I was wearing standard low cut white socks from Wal Mart. I've realized now that I am not allowed to get on my bike without wearing 100% matching Simple Green clothing, and I certainly won't do it around Dave again! I took all the razzing in good Humor and decided I'd lay down the hammer for it. A rider on a TT bike had passed us a few minutes before when we were still jesting. I went to the front and raised the pace. I probably had us going 25 MPH, and not just for a block, but about 3 miles. I passed the TT rider before long. As we passed Angel stadium Bob went to the front, and I like a smart racer sucked his wheel, planning an attack. The adrenaline was high. I felt like I was in a race. We were riding over 25 MPH down the underpass, and I was eagerly planning my move. After we went up the hill under the train tracks I started my sprint and Bob and Dave died, and fell behind as I sprinted off. When I slowed down and they caught up I said, now are my socks still gay? Dave said, "you're fast on that bike, but the socks are still gay." So I took off again, and hammered for another two miles. This time they didn't hang on long. I set a time only second to my PR on my Time Trial bike.
After that show we took a mellow pace the rest of the way and joked some more.
At the end of the day, my socks may not match, but I'm fast on the bike!

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