Monday, October 8, 2012

I Live For This! (Part 1)

Cycling drives me; it gives me motivation for my day. It’s why I wake up early most days of the week. When I cycle it gives me energy the rest of the day.
So this is how happened. At the end of September I was at peak condition; probably the best and strongest ever in my six+ years of Cycling. And then it hit me. I got a sore throat Thursday which got worse; and on Saturday morning as I was about to have breakfast before the club ride, I decided I didn't feel so good and went back to bed to recover. I slept till 11:30 am. I had to go to work at 1:30 until 10 pm and wished I didn't have to. My throat hurt and it was almost painful to talk and my right eyelid was swollen. Details of how sick I was aren't so important. What is, is how much I missed Cycling. Since I couldn’t ride long, I slept in. The rest of the day I thought about racing and riding, the good times. I probably took this too carefully, but I was afraid of making it worse and lasting for weeks. On Monday I took a very slow 10 mile ride. Tuesday I rode 21 miles, easy again but a little more effort and my legs felt heavy. Wednesday I rode about 31 miles and did some gradual hills and got rather tired out. I felt like I didn't have any power in my legs. I felt a lot healthier, but not strong on the bike. I had no motivation to ride on Thursday and Friday, and felt that rest would be better for me anyways since I didn't think riding would improve my strength. This was demoralizing. I had been in peak condition 5 days ago and now I felt worse than ever! I decided to go out on the Saturday Canyon Velo ride with the mentality that I hadn't been sick and still had my power. At the same time I held back on some climbs and very hard efforts just to be sure not to overdo it. But I felt great on the ride! It seemed I was almost as strong as last week and if I didn't hold back I probably would have been at the front of the climbs. Later that day my legs were a bit sore like they usually are on a Saturday afternoon. I was so happy, because that meant I was back in my beloved sport of Cycling!
We all have commitments in our lives and loves as well. For me it’s a balance of work, school, family and cycling. They're all important, but I love cycling the most. This article is the first in a series. Some of you ride for different reasons and have different schedules, etc. I'd like to invite you to write an article about why you cycle and how it fits into your lifestyle. We'll publish it here on the blog! Send it to
Thanks, and happy tail winds!

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