Friday, September 28, 2012

Save Santiago Canyon!

Surely most of you know about our gem of a riding spot, Santiago Canyon?

Let’s help keep this spot a cyclist paradise and let our voice be heard to put a stop to the plan to build urban centers in the area.

For more info check out the
 website: This will direct you to the Facebook page.

Sign the online petition here:

Letters to OC Supervisors can be emailed to: 
Clerk of the Board
or mailed to: 

Board of Supervisors
333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Room 465
P.O. Box 687
Santa Ana, CA 92702-0687

OC Planning wants to hear from us by October 2nd!

Help make a difference and stand up to save our favorite spots.

A Fundraiser is being held on October 21st in Modjeska Canyon. Download the flyer for info!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

BMC Racing Team renews four rider contracts

Martin Kohler, Steve Morabito, Michael Schär and Danilo Wyss will continue to ride for the BMC Racing Team in 2013. President/General Manager Jim Ochowicz announced contract extensions Thursday for those Swiss riders.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Two women cyclists killed in Newport Beach in a single 24-hour period

Some of you have already heard about the fatal collisions involving cyclists in NB Beach. The latest is a hit and run. This is all sad and very tragic. I just found out about about a special meeting they had today, so I couldn't make it, but sounds like they have a City Council meeting Sept 25. It would be good for as many cyclists to attend as possible. I'll post more details about this as I hear them. Hope we can prevent cyclists lives in the future. Details about the collisions are in the link below.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

CBR Crit #9 Finale

Last Crit of the season, and my 10th USCF race, so I would be getting my upgrade to CAT 4 soon. The final race was on the Dominguez Hills course, which is less favorable to me, but today my goal was to finish without any crashes.
We lined up a couple of minutes before 7 am and after some words from the USCF Official and Chris Lotts the race director, we were off. One racer showed up on a Cannondale CAAD 9 wearing cargo pants and a T Shirt. He was leading the pack on the first lap and then after that he was dropped, we lapped him later, but kudos for getting out there and giving racing a shot! We hope to see him out again.
A lot of fast guys showed up for this series finale, and hence the race was quite fast the entire time. I stayed top 10 wheels for most of the race, except for a couple of times when we went downhill after turn 1 and we got swarmed, but then I would move back up. A couple of guys kept leading out off the front, but none of them stayed away long. Even though they were wearing different Jerseys, it seemed they may have been working together with other riders.
I had thought about attempting a solo breakaway on the last or second from last lap, but after seeing the strength of the field reel back in the previous breakaways, I decided it wasn't going to happen. On the bell lap, as we rounded turn 3 a rider who had been in the back the whole time came around to the front with a strong pull and I got on his wheel, being number 2 around turn 4. As soon as we finished our turn into the finish, the sprint started. I started my sprint, but like usual, as I'm not a strong sprinter, I was passed and finished 11th.
I was thankful for a safe race and completing my 10th race. I've put in my upgrade request and I'm waiting to hear back. It's an exciting goal I've accomplished on my way to bigger goals. I'm looking forward to working hard in winter 2012 and coming into 2013 season ready to rock!