Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New stuff to look forward too !

Hey, well it’s been a while since I've blogged or posted new stuff around here. I have been busy. Classes got out a few weeks ago and I took advantage of the previous two weeks to put in some big miles.
I've got several things in mind to roll out soon.
-Training tips:
I'm not an expert or coach, but I'm going to outline the basics that will help you ride stronger and better. They worked for Greg Lemond, they'll work for you.
You want to be a better rider, and everyone wants to lose weight. Exercise isn't everything. Your diet is the main factor in your waist line and longevity.
-Santa Ana River Trail:
Little upgrades and maintenance have been happening; we're going to update the popular SART resource page that you all love.
Another section of Yorba Linda Boulevard lost its bike lane stripe. Is YL thinking less of bikes? Alternate routes? We'll investigate.
Yes, that's right, we are VeloRider INFO center. Have you heard of the college level examination program? You can get legitimate college credit units by independent study and testing at a CLEP center for about $90 a test. That's less than tuition for a community college class!
Visit us at WWW.velorider.org
Email us at: andrew@velorider.org
Twitter @socalcyclist

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