Monday, April 23, 2012

Sierra Peak

Last Thursday I did something I hadn't done in a long time. It had been more months than I can remember. I went mountain biking! And I don't just mean I hoped on a mountain Bike and went to the park, I literally climbed a mountain.
I had pretty much stopped mountain biking completely. I don't like single track, and Chino Hills State park used to be fun, but now it’s poorly maintained and overgrown. Some of my Canyon Velo and Cycles Veloce buddies are dominant mountain bikers. They keep talking about Santiago Oaks and especially Sierra Peak. Well, Sierra Peak is 6 miles of 8.2% grade, climbing about 2700 feet! It is a category 1 climb. Well, I've been on a climbing rampage on the streets and this climb got my attention. I left from Ice Palace in East Yorba Linda and hoped on the Santa Ana River trail to the Coal Canyon exit. Then the climbing began. Up, up and away, with almost no breaks from going uphill. I didn't have my heart rate monitor with me so I don't know those stats, but I was working hard because either my legs were burning or my throat was burning from trying to suck in so much oxygen. It’s quite a different thing to be constantly breathing at a high rate for an hour plus compared to doing shorter 5-12 minute climbs like I usually do.
The scenery was beautiful. It’s awesome to look out and see everything. When I got to the top of Sierra Peak and I looked down at Yorba Linda, those hills that look so big on ground level looked tiny compared to the mountain I was on.
When I descended I took it easy since it was my first time. I definitely didn't want to crash.
I will definitely be doing this climb again, maybe once a week. It’s an excellent climb and will work you hard!

 This is the Mountain I'm going to climb.

 Looking back at Yorba Linda.

 Thats a long ways down.

 Up, up and away.

 I made it!

Just to prove I made it to the Top of Sierra Peak.

Looking down at Sierra Peak.

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