Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bicycle Jackings : Santa Ana River Trail

Riders of all talents and abilities, this is something you need to be aware of!
There have been a few bike jackings and beatings along the Santa Ana River Trail in the past week and a half or so. There was also one back in October which happened at 6:30 pm, between McFadden and 1st street. The rider was jumped and knocked down by one guy while 3 others took his bike and belongings and kicked and punched him. Things went quiet for a while, and then two weeks ago on a Monday night at 7:15 pm a UPS driver who commutes from Huntington Beach to Anaheim was jumped in the same location. Three guys and the same method. One tackled him while two others took his bike and belongings. Then on a Saturday afternoon (this is bold) at 2:30 pm a rider was knocked down by three guys at the 1st undercrossing. He was beaten and robbed of his bike, iPhone, and gear bag. His bike was a brand new Trek Madone. It seems these criminals use a spotter to ID expensive bikes and call ahead to tip off their partners in crime. Please spread this along to everyone.

It would be a good idea to ride in groups of at least 3 especially at night. Be aware of suspicious people on the trail, such as someone loitering around and suddenly making a phone call as you pass. As mentioned in the forums, you don’t have time to reach for pepper spray or another weapon if you are suddenly assaulted. Remember, since you are a cyclist you probably have strong legs and your cleats will hurt your attacker. I would also refer you to this link about two cyclists who were assaulted in Maui. The same tactics are applicable in this situation.

Please Be Safe, and ride smart.

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