Friday, August 26, 2011

Viva Viviani! Liquigas scores a field sprint win in Steamboat Springs

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (VN) — Liquigas-Cannondale’s 22 year old Italian speedster Elia Viviani won Friday’s stage 4 of the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, outsprinting a large field in this cowboy ski town that went bike crazy for the occasion.
RadioShack’s Levi Leipheimer finished safely in the lead pack to retain the leader’s jersey to earned with his win of Thursday’s Vail time trial.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is a gluten free diet for everyone?

For the average cyclist, gluten-free eating may not offer any benefits over a healthy, well-rounded diet. In fact, according to Julie Miller Jones, PhD, a nutritionist and advisory board member of the Grain Foods Foundation, gluten-free diets often lack a host of nutrients typically found in whole-grain wheat products such as vitamins B and D, calcium, iron, zinc, folate and magnesium. And because cyclists rely on the carbohydrates found in many wheat-based foods to pound out miles, it's important to know if you're a good candidate to go gluten free, or if you should just keep digging into that linguini.

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Life of a Pro Cyclist

Friday, August 5, 2011

The perils of eating non organic foods

The same pesticides that poison the environment also pollute our bodies. Commonly used pesticides, such as organochlorines, are stored in our fat cells then released into our bloodstreams when we burn fat, disrupting the function of our mitochondria (our cells' energy-making furnaces). In a 2004 study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers at Canada's Laval University reported that dieters with the highest levels of organochlorines had a greater metabolic slowdown as they lost weight than their peers with lower levels of the pollutant, likely because the toxins hinder the energy-burning process. Other studies have indicated that pesticides may actually contribute to weight gain.

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